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Can’t Decide Between Mystery and Romance? The Reluctant Courier is the Solution!


Pam Stevens


Can’t Decide Between Mystery and Romance? The Reluctant Courier is the Solution!

It is often enough that a book doesn’t juggle two different genres at the same time well enough for readers of all genres to be satisfied with it, and it is even more frustrating when the plot and characters are written in just the right way. It leaves us feeling bitter and unsatisfied. But not this book, readers! Pam Stevens’ new book, The Reluctant Courier, does justice to romance and mystery lovers all around!

Pam Stevens is an emerging writer making her debut in the writing industry. At the age of seventy-seven, she is a businesswoman, a grandmother, and a literary enthusiast. Her love for writing is quite apparent from the characters and how the plot unravels, giving each detail such a unique manner that readers can’t help but be attentive. The book balances both genres elegantly and gives the lovers of each genre a taste of the other.

The plot revolves around Sandy Stanford, a twenty-five-year-old girl who gets involved in a plot that uncovers lies greater than she anticipates. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time makes her the target of people with higher authority who are willing to abuse their positions. She ends up in the care of Steven Hoyt, a congressman shrouded in mystery and the unknown but seemingly kind to Sandra.

Stevens writes in a simplistic manner that keeps the plot from revealing too much all at once, and the reader is hooked in from the start of the book to the very end, when all the threads untangle and everything connects to make a giant web and gives the reader a feeling of joy and fulfillment. The mystery is balanced out by the slow-burn romantic relationship of Steven and Sandra, which develops gradually as they face the ups and downs caused by the nature and circumstances of their relationship.

The Reluctant Courier is a book that’s a must-read for those looking for a light read with the right amount of entertainment, suspense, romance, mystery, and adventure! The book is available on Amazon, so get a copy today!

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